What is Love, Actually? | Tazkiyah for Youth Part 2


What do we mean by ‘love’. Is it a feeling? An action? Or is it simply a word?

In part 2 of our series, we discuss the titular topic of Love. Fatima Karbaray guides us through various ayahs and hadiths regarding Allah’s Love. In the Qur’an, Allah says: ‘Oh those who believe, whosoever of you turns away from their religion Allah will assuredly bring forth a people instead of you, whom He loves and who loves HIm.’

We focus on the love relationship held between servant and Creator. And how Allah is willing and wants to bestow special favours upon those whom He loves. How do we build our love relationship with Allah? How do we become so enrobed in His love, that He becomes our hearing, our sight and our hands?

Fatima advises that it is through the fulfilment of our fardh duties as Muslims that we voluntarily complete actions that draw us closer to Allah. Quality over quantity. A deep love for Allah leads to Patience, which will be discussed in Part 3 of Tazkiyah for Youth every Thursday on 100.4FM between 11AM – 12PM

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