What does SA have to show for 29 years of ‘freedom’?


Picture: Mkhuseli Sizani / Ground Up

Many South Africans are not celebrating the anniversary of the country’s first democratic elections, saying that the state that they fought for, is deteriorating.

Today marks 29 years since South Africa held its first democratic elections.

This date also marks the end to the rule of an oppressive regime.

However, South Africans are now being oppressed through the high cost of living, the fear for their safety, and the impact that load shedding is having on the economy and basic services.

But as he addressed the Freedom Day celebrations in Motlosana in the North West, President Cyril Ramaphosa insists that South Africans have shown great development.

He says that since the advent of democracy in South Africa, access to healthcare has improved.

But this statement fails to recognise the deepening struggles that millions of South Africans face, as they are reliant on the state, and cannot find employment, and an education system that is more focused on results than ensuring proper literacy.


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