‘We’ll Continue the Fight’ – Brackenfell 8 Released


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have not forgotten the assaults meted out to its members in Brackenfell. They have demanded justice for those who were beaten during protests in the area over the past two weeks.

EFF Western Cape Secretary Banzi Dambuza says that the party will not rest until their members’ property is returned, and the ingrained discrimination exhibited in the area is addressed.

Three attempts at protests in Brackenfell in just two weeks were met with violence from community members, and police taking a heavy-handed and one-sided response to the clashes.

On Monday, 9 November, Brackenfell residents descended on a small group of EFF members, including racial slurs and assault. That attempt at a protest was meant to highlight the alleged racism at the local high school.

Over a week later, members of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) took to Brackenfell, to protest the clash that was reminiscent of Apartheid. The PAC was also met with the heavy hand of the law before they even had a chance to practice their democratic right to protest.

The eight EFF members who were arrested for public violence, were nabbed after a planned demonstration last Friday. Protesters were met with stun grenades, water canon, and sound bombs.


Dambuza says that Brackenfell is an example of the failure to address racial inequality and discrimination.

The so-called, Brackenfell 8 who were arrested on charges of public violence appeared in Blue Downs Magistrates Court this morning. They have been released on a warning, and are due back in court on February 12.

[Header image: Radio 786]

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