WATCH: Israeli soldiers kill unarmed Palestinians and try to bury their crime.


Picture: Screengrab

Israel’s atrocities in the besieged Gaza Strip continue to be documented on camera.

In the latest, video aired by news channel Al Jazeera Arabic shows the Israeli occupation soldiers carrying out two cold-blooded murders on a Gaza beach.

The unarmed Palestinians are gunned down at close range. One of the men repeatedly waves what appears to be a piece of white fabric, to show they are no threat. Their bodies are then desecrated as an Israeli military bulldozer tries to bury them under the sand.

An attempt to hide their atrocious crime. The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says this incident is further evidence of the fascism and criminality that govern Zionist behaviour.

It has called on the United Nations and all international judicial institutions, especially the International Criminal Court, to urgently act to stop the systematic killing of the Palestinian people. And to hold this rogue entity and its terrorist war criminal leaders accountable for the crimes committed against children and unarmed civilians.

Israel has butchered more than 32 000 Palestinians and wounded over 74 000 others in its American backed genocidal war.

Credit: Al Jazeera Arabic


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