WATCH: Hezbollah uses armed drone to strike “Israel” in the north


[Picture: Screengrab]
The Israeli occupation entity is struggling to deal with Hezbollah’s aerial capabilities.
The resistance movement carried out a successful drone attack against the Al-Mutela site in occupied Palestine’s north. An armed drone fired S5 missiles, striking a Zionist vehicle and the personnel that had gathered around it. The drone then converted into a kamikaze style drone by hitting another target.
Hezbollah says it inflicted casualties among the enemy forces. Reacting to this latest resistance operation Zionist media say it seems that Hezbollah is the one setting the pace on the northern front, not “Israel”.
It adds that Hezbollah has left Zionist occupation forces, the northern leadership, and the political leadership speechless when it managed to strike a highly sensitive facility of so called “Tel Shemayim”. It’s located about 50 kilometres from the Lebanese border.  


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