VIDEO Thousands march in Cape Town for Palestine


[Picture: Radio 786]

Thousands have marched through the streets of the Cape Town CBD to demonstrate their support for the ongoing Palestinian Operation Al-Aqsa Flood which was launched last week.

Demonstrator cheered slogans in support of the Palestinian cause and achieving liberation for the land of Al-Quds and the sacred Al-Aqsa mosque as they marched through the streets leading to the gates of parliament.

South African police meanwhile appeared prepared for battle, creating a barrier line in riot gear on a stretch of public road which incidentally leads to the Jewish Museum. The police could report no incidents.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on Saturday 7 October, with the death toll among Israelis steadily rising daily as the Al-Aqsa Flood operation continues. Despite American and western backing, the Israeli military machine has proven unable to confront the resistance nor neutralise the operation a week after it was launched.

Instead the regime has launched a scorched-earth policy of terror, bombing entire neighbourhoods in the Gaza Strip, targeting hospitals and other key civilian infrastructure as well. Hamas has also released statements indicating the Israeli regime has killed its own citizens in some of the bombing raids.

But as protests for Palestine alight around the world, the chants of “Gaza, Gaza don’t you cry. Palestine will never die!” reverberated through the streets of the mother city.


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