VIDEO The handshake that negates Israeli lies


Monday night, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) released two prisoners of war (POW) from the Gaza Strip. The resistance had for days indicated that it would release certain POW’s on humanitarian grounds; including old-age or health concerns for which they require medical attention.

The Israeli regime despite claiming concern for the POW’s however declined to accept certain of the prisoners.

Despite the ongoing Israeli propaganda and the mantra by media sympathetic to the Zionist project, in a video released Monday night of the handover of the two elderly women to the International Committee of the Red Cross, one moment debunked the ongoing Israeli rhetoric.

The video shows armed Hamas fighters offering the POW’s drinks and what is presumed to be an item to eat. They are later seen leading the prisoners to the Red Cross officials to hand them over into their care.

But it is at this moment that one of the POW’s turns around to face the Hamas resistance fighter, takes his hand and greets him with the simple greeting, “Shalom” (peace).

The Palestinian resistance member is seen taking the POW’s hand, offering a humble nod of the head and greeting her and waving goodbye as they are led away.

The moment quashes persistent Israeli false propaganda – which has willfully been regurgitated by media around the world – about the tortuous conditions the POW’s are being held under.


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