VIDEO Pilgrims Prepare for Most Sacred of Pillars


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Worshipers began arriving in the holy city of Mecca on Saturday for the second Hajj during the coronavirus pandemic, amid strict precautions.

Footage shows worshipers circling around the Kaaba, as well as members of the cleaning team working to sterilise the site and staff guiding pilgrims.

“The general management for the crowds’ plan this year is characterised as a flexible plan that can be modified at the same moment, as the number and capacity of the courtyard is the main controller in this plan,” said an official of the General Department of Crowds.

“The General Crowds Committee’s plan this year differs because it is flexible and open to change and adaptation immediately. The general capacity number in this process is the main variable in this plan.”

According to reports, this year’s Hajj rituals are limited to residents who have taken full vaccination. A total of 60,000 Saudis residents will participate in this year’s season, which exceeds the numbers of the 2020 Hajj, but much less than the usual Hajj seasons.


Video: Hajjmedia

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May 22, 2022
Asr Athaan


1 Hours 42 Minutes
Prayer Begins Athaan
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Thuhr12:43 12:46
Asr15:30 15:33
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Isha19:11 19:14
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