VIDEO Hezbollah military drills mark resistance victory day celebrations


[Picture: Hezbollah media / FILE]

The Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah has staged mlitary drills which for the first time allowed international media to document. The exercises come as Lebanon marks the Eid(celebration) of the Resistance and Freedom. It coincides with the days in the year 2000 when Israeli occupation forces fled Lebanese territory after years of resistance by Hezbollah and other movements.

On display was the capabilities and military readiness of Hezbollah fighters, including its weaponry, missiles and military vehicles. The resistance group further demonstrated its use of drones for combat missions and the capture of Zionist soldiers. Its fighter also possess martial arts training.

Hashem Safieddien, Chairman of the Executive Council of Hezbollah observed the manoeuvres which included some 200 resistance fighters.

Addressing the media, he noted that the “resistance of today is an extended force and a complete axis which will continue to develop. ”


The exercises which come on the back of the Palestinian victory against Israel in the recent Thaar al-Ahrar (Revenge of the Free) operation in occupied Palestine by the Islamic Jihaad Movement underscored the advancements made by the entire coalition in the region.

Safieddien warned Israel that its perception of differences among the various resistance movements is mere fantasy. He outlined that the resistance now extends from Gaza and the West Bank in Palestine to Lebanon and its root is in Iran.

Resistance groups from across the Middle East, including in Yemen, Iraq and Syria have voiced their readiness for any confrontation launched by the Zionist Israeli occupying regime.

Hezbollah’s 2000 victory against Israel dispelled the myth that the Zionist occupation had an invincible army and was beyond defeat. It was the first time the Zionist entity’s militant forces endured such a loss and this was repeated again by Hezbollah in 2006 and by Palestinian resistance groups in 2008, 2012 and repeatedly since.




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