Venezuela & US reach ‘social protection’ agreement


[Picture: Ronal Labrador / Unsplash]

The Venezuelan government and the United States have reached a long overdue social protection agreement.

The deal came following negotiations mediated by Mexico in Mexico City last night, aimed at unblocking Venezuela’s funds and assets which are frozen in the international financial system. In 2019 former US President Donald Trump ordered the freezing as part of a campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro from power.

Government negotiator Jorge Rodriguez says the money, if released, would be used to improve public health care and the electricity infrastructure network.

In response, the US said that the agreement will allow Chevron to resume limited oil extraction operations in the South American country, and the license will remain in effect for the next six months.

Last year, the two sides held several rounds of negotiations with the mediation of Norway, but it failed to reach any meaningful outcome.


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