US President Joe Biden stands to lose massive support due to his support of Israel


[Picture: Kevin Luke / Unsplash]

The Financial Times has shed light on the diminishing optimism that followed recent ‘normalisation agreements’ between Arab nations and the occupying regime.

The United States, under the Biden administration, is faced with a significant challenge as Donald Trump emerges as the frontrunner in betting markets and holds a comfortable lead in recent opinion polls across swing states.

The brutality being perpetrated by US-backed Israeli regime, forced America to redirect its attention and resources away from Ukraine, leading to a direct competition for ammunition between the two war zones.

As a result, Ukraine, already grappling with a missile shortage, finds itself contending with the Israelis for limited supplies. The newspaper continued that the impact of the Gaza attacks on the US election is significant.

President Joe Biden heavily relies on young, progressive voters and Arab Americans to secure his victory. However, many within these demographics are angered with the administration’s support for ‘Israel’.

Their disenchantment could result in reduced voter turnout or support for marginal candidates, ultimately favouring Trump’s bid for the presidency.


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