United Middle East emerging alongside new global powers | ANALYSIS


The winds of change are blowing in the world. Within the space of under six months, Iran and Saudi Arabia are back to being cordial, Syria has proven its strategic importance with the Arab League forced to bring it back into the fold and the Israeli settler colonial entity has been put in paralysis with the rise of the axis of resistance. The resistance coordination has forced the Zionist entity to think hard about every act of terror it wants to commit.

Simultaneously Russia and China are strengthening their political and economic bonds in countering the US-led isolation campaign. To date Washington and the Western military alliance, Nato have failed to clip their wings. Instead, Moscow and Beijing are expanding their presence on the world stage, even acting as mediator…a position the US once held.

The world order is being shaken. But what does it signal for the Middle East and its geopolitics?

Guest: Abdel Bari Atwan – Author and editor in chief for Raialyoum Newspaper

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