Undisclosed Truths Of The 21st Century


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A book that was revealed thousands of years ago yet holds many answers to the questions that science fields pose. But how true is this? What insights could this ancient holy book, the Qur’an offer our modern society? In today’s segment of Qur’an and Science, we take a look at how world history and the wisdom of the Qur’an work in tandem. We further discover the early proofs that the Qur’an offered us before the advent of its scientific ‘discovery’.

Joining Radio 786 host, Qaadirah Mohammed, is Dr Yusuf Noor and Sheikh Abdus Samad Abdulkader.

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Jun 29, 2022
Fajr Athaan


38:00 Minutes
Prayer Begins Athaan
Fajr06:23 06:26
Thuhr12:50 12:53
Asr15:29 15:32
Maghrib17:48 17:51
Isha19:12 19:15
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