UK pensioner set alight in Islamophobic attack


[Picture: Screengrab / Al Jazeera]

In another brazen act of Islamophobia, an elderly UK man was assaulted and set alight while on his way from mosque in Birmingham.

The incident which took place on Monday was caught on video and has been widely circulated. In the video, a young man can be seen arguing with the pensioner believed to be in 70s on Shenstone Road. A few moments later, the pensioner’s jacket is set alight.

West Midlands Police arrested the man and have taken him in for questioning. Police say the pensioner was sprayed with an unknown substance before his jacket was set alight. He sustained serious burn wounds to his face and was taken to hospital for treatment.

The attack has shaken the Muslim community who is in the process of preparing for the holy month of Ramadaan. A similar act of Islamophobia occurred in London but the suspect fled before police could make any arrests.


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