Two teens shot dead amid Muslim protests in India


[Picture: PTI]

Two teenagers have been killed during protests that erupted across India following derogatory remarks against the Prophet Muhammad (PBH) made by members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The teens were aged 14 and 19-years-old. They were shot in the head and back respectively. Dozens of protestors were also injured after protests turned violent.

It is alleged that police used force against Muslim protestors that marched in the capital Ranchi after Friday prayers demanding the arrest of two BJP members, Nupur Sharma, and Naveen Jindal.

Sharma and Jindel’s Islamophobic comments saw India caught in the middle of a diplomatic storm with other Arab nations demanding an apology. They both were subsequently suspended.

However, Muslim protestors say this isn’t enough and called for them to be arrested.


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