Tutu’s lesson for religious leaders speak truth in times of injustice


Archbishop Desmond Tutu demonstrated to South Africans especially during apartheid that there is no contradiction between holding onto one’s faith and standing up for justice.
The Imam Haron Foundation’s executive director Cassiem Khan says this was one of the best lessons. He further notes that when problems were brought to The Arch his first response was let’s pray and then deal with the matter.
The religious leader and anti-apartheid activist had influence on both politics and society and often used humour as a transformative tool to help heal and ease the pain of the past.
Khan explains the lessons that religious leaders can take from the likes of anti-apartheid activist Imam Abdullah Haron and Tutu.
Tutu’s funeral is being held at St George’s Cathedral in the Cape Town CBD this morning. He is being honoured with a state funeral.


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