Trio sentenced for Hard Livings gang leader murder


[Picture: African News Agency (ANA)]

The three men charged with the murder of Hard Livings gang leader Ebrahim Ismail has pleaded guilty.

This, after the state withdrew numerous other charges after the trio entered a plea sentence agreement. Keagan van Rooi, Jeremy van Wyk and Jevon Loggenstein admitted that it was a retaliatory hit for murdering opposing Vikings gang leader Shafiek Meyer.

Ismail was gunned down at a petrol station in Kenilworth in 2019. The trio explained that at the time, there had been a turf war between opposing gangs.

They were tipped off about Ismail’s whereabouts and drove to the petrol station in a stolen Toyota Avanza to carry out the hit.

Van Rooi was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, Loggenstein was sentenced to 25 years and Van Wyk was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment.


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