Tribute To Al Marghoom – Khalil Amod


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The community of Cape Town has lost a true gem. Al Marghoom Abdul Khalil Amod also known as Mota Bhai was the founder of Kampress and The Director and Producer of Channel 4.

He returned to His creator On March 18 and Today Radio 786 pays special tribute to him by sharing the beautiful memories he shared with those who were fortunate to have crossed his path. He undoubtedly left an indelible footprint behind…

We say “Inaa lielaahie wa ienaa ielayhie rajioon”.Verily from Allah do we come and to Allah is our Return May Allah be pleased with his soul and grant him a high abode in Jannah Ameen

To shed further light on his life and legacy as a homemaker, a colleague and a dear friend we welcome three of his dearest friends, colleagues and relative… Editor of Muslim views Faried Sayed … Hospital Welfares Br.Akbar Khalfie and Mazaar Society’s Mohammad Limbada who also happens to be a close relative.


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