Thousands of Yemeni children at risk of dying from cancer


[Picture: PressTV / Via Xinhua]

Thousands of cancer-stricken Yemeni children are at risk of dying due to the Saudi waged war.

In light of World Cancer Day on Friday – 03rd February, the human rights group Entisaf revealed that more 3000 Yemeni children who developed cancer as a result of the Saudi aggression and the tight sea, land, and air blockade on the country are now at risk of death.

The rights group says the incidence of leukemia is increasing among Yemeni children, and have soared from 300 to 700 in the capital Sana’a.

Affected children are also battling a shortage of medication needed to treat their cancer.

It adds that Saudi Arabia and its allies should be held fully responsible for the violations being perpetrated against the Yemeni region.


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