Think about post Israeli occupation as liberation is coming


(Picture: Palestinian Information Center)

The blood of Gaza’s martyrs and the Palestinian resistance will triumph over the Western backed occupier.

In a message of unwavering faith to the Palestinian people and the people of the free world the leader of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh says they will prevail over the Israeli enemy and the law of the jungle that it wants to establish.

Haniyeh who described Gaza as the backbone of every Palestinians says this new Holocaust being carried out by the Israeli occupation army against them must stop.

He went on to make a rallying call for the free world and all brotherly nations to not only support the resistance in protests but to back this revolution with money, weapons, and technology that will consolidate this historic victory.

The Hamas leader called upon thinkers, experts, and strategists to begin addressing the post-occupation phase, saying that the Israeli occupation will inevitably perish.


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