The myth of the perfect relationship


Have all those ‘happily ever after’ stories warped our understanding of love and relationships?

We sometimes look to the relationship of our parents or those close to us and if deemed a perfect relationship, we try to replicate it. Or we act in the opposite nature of trying to avoid working towards it should we see it as something we find as imperfect.

Mission trailblazer and integrative healer, Sameer Charles, adds that a deep question needs to be asked – what is our criteria for an ideal or perfect partner? Are we aware of these ideals or only on an unconscious level?

Are you looking for a partner to complete you? Heal us from our past? Provide us with the love we didn’t receive throughout our past?

In this episode, we delve into the great burden we place on ourselves or others to work towards the ‘perfect relationship’. Joining the Community Pulse team is The Love Alchemist, Relationship Counsellor, Couples Couch and Researcher, Sumaya Hoosain and Sameer Charles and Qaadirah Mohammed.

Because love matters at Radio 786.

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