The many definitions of patience | Tazkiyah for Youth Part 1


What is patience? How do we define it? What is love…actual love? Can we measure faith or contentment?

In this latest series in partnership with the Madina Institute, we discuss the concepts of these greatly sought-after concepts of life. Love Actually, Tazkiyah for Youth is a weekly segment every Thursday that aims to teach youth about the simplistic and uplifting elements that Islam offers us.
Hafitha Fatima Karbary joins us on Community Pulse to guide us through the process. For more updates, follow Radio 786 and Madinah Institute.

In Part 1, we talk about what patience is. We learn that there are varying degrees, categories and ideas of what patience is. Is it staying away from sin or bad deeds? Keeping quiet when misfortune befalls you? Showing contentment in poverty? Simply saying ‘Alhamdulillah’ throughout everything? Listen, learn and leave a comment.


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