The Gender Perspective and Emotional Intelligence


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In this segment of Love Matters we delve deeper into how gender plays a role in emotional intelligence. Based on research, we find that how parents raise their girl and boy children ultimately affects how they see the world emotionally and how they handle emotional conflict with their partner.
In Part 1 we found out that people with high emotional intelligence can control and express their emotions, and are in touch with their own emotions and that of others. Especially, their partner’s.

We examine how divorce rates seem to steadily increase. Could it be linked to the fact that women are more independent, or are people less likely to enter marriage or long-term relationships? Since the social reasons to get married are dwindling, the emotional reasons to be married are higher than ever.
Thus, we look at the emotional faultlines of women and men.

When couples are conflicting, women bring their emotional perspective, and men bring their own emotional perspective. With Sumaya Hoosain, we look into how gender plays a role in emotional intelligence.

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May 17, 2022
Thuhr Athaan


26:00 Minutes
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