The Fury of Jenin Battle updates


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The municipality of Jenin has called on residents to conserve water, and to ration their consumption. This as the Israelis are targeting the main lines of the water network in the camp, and are preventing municipal workers from gaining access to conduct repairs. They’ve also urged Palestinians to conserve what food they have, as the Israelis attempt to lock down Jenin.

The Zionist regime had approved this latest operation 10 days ago. It involves 1000 IOF soldiers and is estimated to last for 72 hours.

Palestinians are calling their response, the Fury of Jenin Battle. A telling title as the Israeli regime is trying to demoralise the Palestinian resistance, but its only strengthening their resolve to protect their homes and people.

The Jenin Brigade – a branch of the Al-Quds Brigades – announced that it inflicted damage on armored vehicles belonging to the Israeli occupation forces after its Resistance fighters detonated several explosive devices, which were used for the first time.

The Jenin Brigade added that its fighters engaged in fierce confrontations with Israeli occupation forces who attempted to advance on the outskirts of the Jenin camp and targeted them with heavy and continuous barrages of bullets.

We’ve seen videos of the Israeli regime having to send in helicopters to airlift their injured soldiers. This is a luxury that the Palestinian resistance does not have. Israeli have prevented paramedics from gaining access to the victims of the Zionist attacks.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has released a list of the names and ages of the eight people killed by the Israeli forces in the Jenin refugee camp. They included three minors.

  1. Nour el-Din Husam Marshoud, 16
  2. Majdi Ararawi, 17
  3. Ali Hani al-Ghoul,17
  4. Husam Mohammad Abu Theeba, 18
  5. Aws Hani Hanoun, 19
  6. Sameeh Firas Abu al-Wafa, 20
  7. Ahmad Mohammad Amer, 21
  8. Mohammad Muhannad al-Shami, 23

The ninth Palestinian killed by Israeli forces on Monday was 21-year-old Mohammad Imad Hasanein. He was shot dead at the northern entrance to Ramallah city.


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