‘The contribution of immigrants to SA is being overlooked’


[Picture: www.activateleadership.co.za]

The contribution that foreign nationals bring to South Africa is being overlooked by authorities.

Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Immigration Federation Luke Mufaro Dzviti says the challenges foreigners experienced, despite being here legally hinders their development.

He criticised the Department of Home Affairs for their rhetoric used and refusal to help immigrants who want to take the legal route and make an honest living for themselves here in South Africa.

“The minister doesn’t want to legalise foreigners. There are Zimbabweans who are legally in South Africa and are married to South Africans but weren’t issued a marriage certificate. What happens if the immigrant who is the sole breadwinner gets deported?” says Dzviti.

He adds that it will increase the number of children in South Africa who will end up parentless.



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