Sustained physical assault led to Imam Haron’s death


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An independent pathologist has concluded that Imam Abdullah Haron would have survived the brutal beatings meted out by his captors had he received proper medical attention.

This is the exchange between Naidoo (SN) and the Haron family’s advocate, Howard Varney (HV):


  1. The injuries were of a moderately severe degree 
  1. There was neglect of appropriate medical attention, which would have resulted in systemic complications of blunt tissue injury, soft tissue injury, in particular of the crush injury syndrome  
  1. The death was all probability due to the combination of severe systemic physiological stresses resulting from the injuries with preexisting coronary artery disease. 
  1. The amount of force applied to the body to cause the injuries could be regarded as substantial  
  1. The injuries to the body do not correspond to the allegation to the fall, as was described. The injuries are characteristic of sustained physical assault  

HV: for the assault and abuse subjected to Imam Haron during the period of his detention – would he have died at that time? 

SN: My belief he would definitely not have died at the time that he did. Because I believe he could have survived for an indefinitely, perhaps even years if there was actually coronary artery disease. 

Dr Steve Naidoo also told the inquest into the Imam’s death, that he had sustained moderately severe injuries while he was held captive by the Apartheid regime’s security branch.

Naidoo also backed up the reports of two other experts at the inquest, saying that the Imam’s injuries do not correspond to that of a fall down a flight of stairs.



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