Stricter regulations should be enforced on energy drinks


[Picture: Wikimedia Commons / KSI and Logan Paul]

Energy drinks have long and short-term effects on people’s health.

Healthy Living Alliance programme manager, Lawrence Nzama Mbalati was speaking as the hype around the PRIME range of drinks has raised concerns about whether there needs to be more regulations for these products.

Most energy drinks have high sugar contents, while claiming to be beneficial. Mbalati says that the lack of regulation also means that the unhealthy food industry invests heavily in marketing. And the latest iteration of this, is getting celebrities to endorse these products.

Another tactic is to entice children and youth to buy into these products. This is not based on the nutritional value, but rather, being associated with a brand.

Mbalati says that parents must do all they can to control what their children eat. One way is to ensure that their packed lunches contain healthy foods.


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