Stellies expells ‘urination’ student Theuns de Toit


[Picture: Twitter]

Stellenbosch University has expelled Theuns de Toit, the student filmed urinating on the belongings of Babalo Ndwanya at Huis Marais residence in May.

He was found guilty of contravening numerous clauses of the university’s Disciplinary Code for students.

De Toit has five working days to file notice of appeal against his expulsion.

In a statement, the university said it strongly condemns any form of racism, discrimination or other prejudice. It adds that human dignity is non-negotiable at Stellenbosch.

The university itself has come under fire for sweeping racist incidents under the carpet for years.

However, when Ndwanya was asked whether the act was racist, he said de Toit didn’t urinate on his belongings as an act of racism, but because he was intoxicated.


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