Special courts at prison for big cases


(Picture: Radio 786 / FILE)

The large number of accused in the murder and racketeering trial of Nafiz Modack and others, has forced the construction of a special court at the Goodwood Prison.

This is meant to address concerns about logistical problems associated with the trial.

A similar process is underway in Pollsmoor Prison regarding the trials of the Laughing Boys from Hanover Park and the Terrible Josters from Delft.

But there is concern that having these cases on prison grounds creates the perception that the accused are already guilty.

In the case of the Modack matter, an existing facility on the Goodwood Prison grounds is being converted into a court. It is expected to be ready by October.

It relates to the murders of Anti-Gang Unit detective Charl Kinnear, the father of a former Hawks officer, a tow truck driver and a night club bouncer, as well as the attempted murder of lawyer William Booth and a security company owner.


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