Slow killing of Palestinians is the sadism of the Israeli regime


The Israeli regime is showing the extent of its sadism, as it enforces the slow murder of Palestinians in Gaza. Anaesthesiologist, Dr Mads Gilbert, was speaking as the US-backed Israelis are targeting and shutting down hospitals in the enclave.

Gilbert had worked at Al Shifa Hospital during one of the Israeli attacks on Gaza and has first-hand experience of the dedication of Palestine’s medical staff, and the brutality of the Zionist regime. In an interview on Radio 786, Gilbert highlighted the sacrifices that doctors had to make due to the intensity of the Israeli siege on Gaza.

This included shutting down the hospitals’ morgues, which was caused by the regime cutting electricity, and denying fuel to enter the enclave. Hospitals running on generators rely on hundreds of litres of fuel per day.

Guest: Dr Mads Gilbert, who has first-hand experience of working at Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital

[Picture: Radio 786]


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