Sisulu’s criticism on the judiciary was an insult – Zondo



Acting Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo has hit back at Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu for her comments against the country’s judiciary.

In an opinion piece, the minister decried South Africa’s reliance on Roman-Dutch law, rather than employing the guidance of indigenous rules. She went on to say that it’s pointless to overhaul a justice system that does not work for Africa and Africans. She says that if the law does not sufficiently address the issue of the food fight, the law will fail, and inevitably it will play out in the streets.

But Zondo says that her comments are an attack on the judiciary. He says that the judiciary welcomes criticism based on research and fact, but that Minister Sisulu’s comments are devoid of any research. Zondo says that he was forced to respond to her allegations as she holds a place of influence in government and the ANC.

“Sisulu’s baseless comments must be quelled to prevent further attacks on the judiciary,” says Zondo.

However, Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu says she stands by her comments in her opinion piece, criticizing South Africa’s judiciary and constitution. Her article was published in IOL last week where she reflects on the sufferings of the South Africans during colonialism and apartheid.

The minister says it’s time that as a country we should self-correct and ask where can we do better. Minister Sisulu is in the process of consulting her legal team on a way forward.


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