Silwan Demolitions: Palestinians Confront Zionist Attempts to Demolish Homes


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Before and after the demolition of the Al-Khalili Butcher shop in Silwan
Before and after the demolition of the Al-Khalili Butcher shop in Silwan

The occupation army stormed the Al-Bustan neighbourhood in the town of Silwan, Jerusalem, trying to demolish Palestinian homes, but Palestinians confronted it.

They managed to demolished a commercial store.

A reporter for Al- Mayadeen News Channel said that an Israeli military demolition vehicle and a bulldozer accompanied by a large number of soldiers advanced in the morning to the Al-Bustan neighbourhood and carried out the crime of demolition, while the Silwan mosques called on the people to confront the occupation forces.

The occupation forces withdrew from the area after attacking the residents of Al-Bustan who tried to confront the demolitions. Some 17 homes and establishments are threatened with demolition.

Hussein Al-Sheikh, a member of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement, warned that Al-Bustan is being subjected to a fierce occupation attack with demolition, destruction and displacement, and demanded the international community intervene immediately to stop the massacre against Palestinian Jerusalemites, their homes and properties. He blamed the  occupation for this major escalation.

News agencies and sites have reported a large Israeli military contingent was brought to the town of Silwan in Jerusalem and the vicinity of the sit-in tent in the Al-Bustan neighbourhood, including bulldozers and military vehicles, to demolish 13 Palestinian homes.

A Zionist court ordered Palestinians in the neighbourhood to demolish their homes within 21 days, failing which the occupying regime would destroy the historic homes and financially charge the families for their evictions.

Al-Bustan is inhabited by 1 550 Palestinian Jerusalemites.

Since 2005, the occupation authorities have been seeking to wipe out the town under the pretext of building a national park in its place. However, Al-Bustan’s original inhabitants have confronted the Zionist aggression.

Eighty-six families, totaling 725 members, fear that the occupation’s decisions to forcibly evict them from their homes will be implemented in favour of illegal settlements.


Source: al-Mayadeen Network

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May 16, 2022
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