Sheikh Jarrah Residents Defiant Against Israelis


Muna and Mohammad al-Kurd, the twins who have spearheaded the online Sheikh Jarrah resistance, have been released from Israeli custody.

The Zionists stormed their home yesterday, arresting Muna and delivering a summons warrant for her brother Mohammed.

The Israelis have targeted the pair for their participation in protecting Sheikh Jarrah from land theft and occupation.

The al-Kurd family is just one of many who face continued harassment, as Israelis expand their aggression against Palestinians.

Last October, an Israeli court ruled in favour of Israeli settlers who falsley claim that some eight Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah are living on land that used to belong to Jews.

Palestinians have appealed the decision at Israel’s Supreme Court, and the evictions are on hold. But the illegal settlers continue their harassment, throwing stones at Palestinians’ homes.

A new hearing on the expulsions is due tomorrow.

[Header Image: Middle East Eye]


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