Shaping The Difference – Youth


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Radio 786 celebrates and recognizes the role of youth in ensuring the longevity of the institution. It is a partnership between the experience of the older generation and the innovation of the younger ones. The station sees this as an investment in the future of Radio 786, that will shape the difference in the community.

Nuruniesa Isaacs, Radio 786 Journalist and Producer, started as an intern in the newsroom – “…on the first day I arrived here I had to cover a story. I didn’t know what to do. It was ‘here’s the recorder, ‘this is how it works’, ‘you stand a certain distance away’, gave me basic etiquette of interviewing someone. Cover the story, come back, write it – it’s going to play on air. I’m like – what!?” She soon learnt that the best way to learn is by being thrown into the deep end and forced to swim.

Zahraa Schroeder, the Digital Content Producer says that Radio 786 was a platform for her to realize how capable Muslims can be in the media world, “…I think my first perception would be that it’s not something impossible for Muslim people to do something so mainstream like going out into media…”

Paying testament to the possibilities of growth at Radio 786, Taariq Gamieldien started out as a technician and now works as a Journalist and Producer in the newsroom, “…I’ve always been afraid of the newsroom. Ever since I was in technical…because I could see already the speed that the people in the newsroom work with…the framework is there for it to be calculated, there’s chaos. But there’s some beauty in that chaos that makes you want to be apart of it…”

The Youth of Radio 786 – bringing the Difference…


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May 17, 2022
Fajr Athaan


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