Search continues for kidnapped Abirah (8)


Picture: social media

Athlone police have sent counsellors to assist the family of Abirah Dekhta who was kidnapped in Gatesville this morning.

Police spokesperson, Zita Norman, says that the driver of Abirah’s scholar transport and the little boy that was in the car with her, are also receiving counselling.

Norman has dismissed claims that a kidnapping racket is operating in the Gatesville area.

She says that this morning’s abduction of the eight-year-old is an unfortunate and random incident.

People near Amber Court, in Yusuf Gool Boulevard have told police that they heard screaming and noise at the time of Abirah’s abduction.

Norman says that they have not formulated an identikit of the suspect as yet.

They are collecting footage from neighbours to identify those behind the kidnapping.


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