Saudi-led aggressors to pause onslaught on Yemen


[Picture: Al Masirah]
It will need to be seen whether the Saudi-led coalition can fulfill its undertaking to halt attacks on Yemen.
A spokesperson for the coalition of aggressors Turki al-Maliki says they will take all steps and measures to ensure a successful ceasefire and create a positive environment during the holy month of Ramadan to end the crisis.
The announcement came days after Yemen’s Supreme Political Council declared a unilateral three day pause in its retaliatory strikes on Saudi Arabia. The Council’s head Mahdi al-Mashat indicated that they are open to a permanent ceasefire if Riyadh stops its aggression and end the blockade on Yemen. It also wants all foreign occupation out of Yemeni and end to Riyadh supporting local militants.
These developments come as the US backed Saudi onslaught on its southern neighbour will enter its eighth year. Riyadh has failed to achieve its political objectives as the Yemeni resistance has remained steadfast.


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