Saudis charge over R33k for hajj visa and insurance


The cost incurred by hujaaj this year will amount to just over 8 000 Saudi Riyals.

These will not be covered by the packages offered by travel operators in South Africa.

The costs to fully participate in the pilgrimage include the hajj visa, qurbani, the five days’ stay at Mina, and hujaaj insurance.

Hujaaj will therefore have to set aside just over R 33 000 to cover these prices.


Personal finance expert, Moeshfieka Botha says that many prospective hujaaj are unaware of these additional costs when considering their hajj packages.

She has advised pilgrims to make these enquiries to ensure that they are not caught off guard when they arrive in the kingdom.

She says that many hujaaj are forced to make debts to ensure that they can cover these hajj costs.  


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