SAHPRA: Investigations Show no Link Between Covid-19 Vaccine and Deaths


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The health regulatory body, Sahpra says that it has been unable to link any deaths reported to it relating to the Covid-19 vaccine.

A total of 29 cases of death have been brought to Sahpra’s attention.

Spokesperson, Yuveng Gounden says that 26 of these cases were coincidental to vaccination.

The remaining three could not be properly investigated because there wasn’t enough information regarding the patient’s reaction to the vaccine.

This comes as there have been some reports of people either becoming catatonic or severely ill after receiving their Covid-19 vaccine.

The most common reactions include fever and headaches, but these only last three days.

The more rare side-effects include allergic reactions and should be reported for treatment.

The head of the South African Vaccination and Immunisation Centre Professor Hannelie Meyer says that people should seek medical assistance when a reaction lasts more than three days or if any new symptom of concern arises 30 days after getting the jab.

She says that people should not assume that these are reactions to the vaccine.

Meyer contends that there could be something else wrong with them.


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