‘SA Zionist lobby against free speech’


Pic: Days of Palestine
The Zionist lobby continues to try and suppress free speech that is critical of the Israeli colonial settler entity. It has yet again targeted the student organisation, UCT Palestinian Solidarity Forum for simply hosting events in support of the Palestinian struggle. Under the guise of antisemitism, it complained to the University of Cape Town (UCT) management about the organisation hosting representatives from the Axis of Resistance; a tool that the Media Review Network (MRN) says the Zionist lobby has weaponised. The MRN further notes that Zionist extremist organisations are attempting to pressure UCT management to condemn Palestinian solidarity organisations and prevent them from engaging in peaceful debate and demonstrations on campus against Israel. The MRN has called on UCT management, the City of Cape Town, and government not to succumb to such bullying. It adds that the forces of global coloniality, led by the Zionist lobby, cannot decide who the terrorists, or who the legitimate freedom fighters are.  


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