SA-USA conduct military drills with “humanitarian” element


(Picture: SANDF)

South Africa and the US are conducting a nearly month-long military exercise in and around Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal.

According to the SA National Defence Force these drills will include what it calls community outreach programmes in the form of health services. The exercises, the fourth of its kind is part of a bilateral agreement dating back to 2009. The US Army Southern European Task Force, and a division of the US Armed Forces are involved in these drills.

The SANDF says the exercise dubbed Shared Accord 2022 is to improve bilateral military interoperability, conduct maritime protection operations and provide air support for peace operations.

The US military in particular its regional command Africom has a checkered history on the continent. It has been involved in the killing of civilians through its drone strikes as well as been accused of backing corporations that plunder Africa’s resources.


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