SA unions demand safe work spaces


(Picture: Cosatu)

Workers have been reminded that they must rely on themselves to be liberated as there is no saviour on the horizon.

Trade union federation Cosatu made the observation as it marks the World Day for Decent Work. It says workers must organise, mobilise and be ready to fight relentlessly to shape a future that is free of exploitation, corruption, unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Ironically Cosatu has long relied on the governing ANC to introduce radical change. But under its economic policies there has been little effect in easing the strain on the working class and poor. Instead, the inequality gap has been widening.

Cosatu has again call on government to abandoned its ineffectual budget cuts and adopt a macroeconomic framework geared at addressing the basic needs of people. They also want the framework to transform the economy, and strengthen the public service. It comes as the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) is scheduled for later this month.

The matter about the public servants’ wage bill is likely to be raised. Workers in the sector are seeking a wage increase. Government has indicated that it’s prepared to pay a three percent increase. But this has been rejected by several unions while two teacher unions have accepted it.


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