SA still doesn’t have proper toilets & sanitation


[Picture: Giorgio Trovato / Unsplash]

The Water Research Commission has criticized the disparities in access to proper sanitation in South Africa.

This, as the country observed the United Nations (UN) World Toilet Day yesterday. According to the UN, 3.6 people globally are still living with poor-quality toilets that negatively impacts their health and pollutes the environment.

The Water Commission’s CEO Jennifer Molwantwa says not everyone has the experience of a flushing toilet. She adds that even people living in cities as opposed to rural and informal settlements also don’t have proper toilets.

Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town intends on installing some 500 new flush toilets in various informal settlements.

Acting Mayoral Committee Member for Water and Sanitation, Siseko Mbandezi says while it’s not possible to always provide flushing toilets in informal settlements, the City is exploring the most appropriate options.


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