SA stands firm as US hampers nuclear energy generation



South Africa has remained firm in protecting its sovereignty in the face of apparent US bullying.

In the latest revelation, the US Nuclear Regulatory Body, has withdrawn the so-called, 1-2-3 Agreement for the Westinghouse electric company to sell its nuclear fuel components to South Africa.

It follows Pretoria’s refusal to agree to a clause that it must import enriched uranium.

But Eskom is looking to producing these items locally with a view to becoming less reliant on foreign suppliers.

Tensions are already high between Washington and Pretoria, after the former accused South Africa of supplying Russia with arms last December.

A claim, which South Africa has denied. This as the stalling of the Westinghouse-Eskom nuclear deal coincided with the docking Russia’s Lady R vessel in Simon’s Town.

Analysts believe that the US is trying to strong-arm South Africa into towing its line, which in this case, relates to arming Ukraine to fight its proxy war with Russia.

Pretoria has, however, taken a neutral stance on the conflict.

Meanwhile, Daily Maverick journalist, Peter Fabricius, suggests that this could be another reason that the nuclear deal hit a snag.

The US has reportedly claimed that if South Africa produces enriched uranium, it will pass on its tech to Russia.

America’s stance on South Africa’s nuclear plans is reminiscent of the US’s attempts to prevent Iran from producing its own nuclear energy.

This as it continues to impose sanctions on Iran as Tehran has successfully protected its sovereignty against Western influence.


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