SA political parties condemn Israel’s aggression on Palestine


[Picture: Al Qastal News]

Some political parties in South Africa have expressed outrage at the Israeli aggression on worshippers at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound.

The National Freedom Party says the cowardly violence on innocent worshippers including women and children, is an affront to humanity and deserves the strongest condemnation. The NFP’s leader in Parliament, Ahmed Shaik Emam has called on Pretoria to take immediate action and downgrade economic relations with the Apartheid entity.

Al Jama-ah says its sickened by the Zionist forces disrespect and murderous way in which they stormed the holy mosque to lynch Palestinians. It slammed the inaction of the of UN to hold Israel to account for its atrocities. Al Jama-ah has called on South Africa to send weapons to the Palestinian resistance movements so that they can defend their people from the Israeli occupation forces.

The EFF also condemned the attack saying that Israel flaunts its gross human rights violations against Palestinians with impunity. It has appealed to all governments, particularly African to suspend all trade with Apartheid Israel.

It has reiterated a call for the Israeli occupation’s embassy to be shut down in South Africa. The red berets add that it’s simply diplomatic cowardice to only recall the South African ambassador from Apartheid Israel.


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