SA Jewish Report runs from media ethics


(Picture: Giwusa)

The SA Jewish Report’s refusal to comply with basic media ethics has been labelled as a fugitive from justice.

The pro-Israeli publication was booted from the Press Council after it refused to publish the judgement and apologise for its slander.

It had labeled the SA BDS Coalition as antisemitic for sharing a General Industrial Workers Union cartoon which depicted a wealthy capitalist stuffing his mouth with money. Striking Giwusa workers at the dairy manufacturer Clover have been battling with the devastating repercussions of a 2019 take-over by an Israeli company.

The SA BDS Coalition says the SAJR’s threats to flounce out because they think they are above fair process is reminiscent of apartheid Israel’s disregard for international law as it continues with its atrocities against the Palestinian people. It further notes these false claims of antisemitism is a tired strategy used by the Zionist lobby to demonise any criticism of apartheid Israel.


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