Rylands family traumatised after being held at gun point


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A Rylands family is traumatised after six men, dressed in blue uniform printed with the triple C associated with council workers reportedly held them at gunpoint yesterday afternoon.

Fatima Ebrahim has told Radio 786 that five men approached her father as he sat outside their home.

The suspects claimed that they needed help locating an address in the area.

But when he reentered the house, the men followed him in.

Ebrahim says that five of the suspects tied up her family, and her domestic worker and her child, and threatened them at gunpoint.

They also hit her father and brother in the head with their guns.

Ebrahim explains that when the suspects found that there were no valuables in the safe, they tried to kidnap her seven-year-old nephew.

But they then heard a noise from outside, and left the scene with jewellery, laptops, and gaming consoles.

The sixth suspect was waiting in the getaway vehicle.

She alleges that the suspects were spotted in the area in the morning of when the robbery took place.

Ebrahim suspects that they had been watching her home for some time.


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