Resistance sends settlers scurrying for cover


The Palestinian resistance has fired rockets towards Al-Quds for the first time since the Zionist regime began its airstrikes on Gaza.

The regime has set up settlements in Al Quds, and the rockets have struck fear into the colonizers.

The settlements near Gaza have also come under renewed retaliatory rocket fire.

Thus far, 31 Palestinians, including six children and three women, have been killed in the Israeli attacks which began on Monday.

A local academic says that the Zionist entity in Palestine is working to fulfill a 75-year programme to wipe out the existing population, and to replace them with anyone that identifies with its oppressive ideals.

Anti-apartheid activist, Professor Farid Esack notes that this is one of the stark differences between the Israelis and Apartheid South Africa.

He says that under the oppressive Apartheid regime, the white minority did not try to get rid of the black majority.

Instead, it enforced policies that ensured the economic and societal superiority of white people.

Professor Esack’s comments come ahead of the Nakba commemoration, which marks 75 years since the Israeli regime began its campaign to erase Palestinians from their land.


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