Reminiscing on the Legacy of Imam Haron


Tracing the steps of the late Imam Abdullah Haron during the 51st anniversary of his death anniversary. In a first-for-radio, a carpool broadcast of Radio 786 flagship NRA programme connected the journey of the anti-Apartheid fighter, from the days he spent at the mosque in Stegman Road to his first home in Jefferson Street, Claremont.

The mobile studio of Radio 786 spent some time on Imam Haron road where it heard the story of the Imam and his interaction with educators and learners at Windsor. The journey then headed to Repulse Road in Athlone at the last home of the Imam which he and his wife, Galiema built.

The Radio 786 Carpool proceeded to the Maitland police station where it is believed that the Imam was last seen alive. The broadcast concluded at the resting place of Haron, the Mowbray Maqbara.




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