Racist nabbed for wanting black people to be killed instead of pitbulls


[Picture: Facebook]

A 60-year-old white racist has been arrested after a voice note of her calling for black people to be banned instead of pitbulls went viral.

In the voice note, Belinda Magor calls for black women’s uteruses to be removed and black men to be burned because they rape, steal, and kill. She went on further to say that all black people are the same and that God didn’t create them.

Her racist comments were supposedly in defense of pitbulls in a WhatsApp group chat following an increase in reported cases of pitbull dog attacks.

However, Magor blamed her diabetes for her outburst saying when a person’s sugar is out of whack, they don’t think clearly.

A case of crimen injuria has been opened for investigation.

Meanwhile, lobby group Right2Know has called for Magor to be jailed as such utterances beg the question of whether the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was effective or not.


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