Racism a feature of every-day life in SA – Ramaphosa


In order to change, South Africans need to recognise that racism remains a feature of every-day life.  President Cyril Ramaphosa who was responding to a white student degrading a black student by urinating on his property. The uncivilised attack took place at Stellenbosch University.

President Ramaphosa says its black people who bear the brunt of racism both in the past and present, adding that there needs to be a systematic dismantling and eradication of attitudes of white superiority.

The president says that it has been encouraging to see young South Africans taking the lead in this effort. He pointed to the thousands of students who protested the deep and pervasive racism in society. One student leader Kwenzokuhle Khumalo had a message for racists saying they have met the wrong generation this time.

He has called for greater emphasis to place on inculcating tolerance and respect for diversity in the classroom from a young age. He however goes on to acknowledge that ending racism is not just about changing attitudes; it is also about changing the material conditions that still separate black and white South Africans.


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